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Geschaft Equipment Corporation

Perfect Choice
and a Better Partner


        is an organization focused on the distribution of quality equipments sourced from Japan, Germany, China, Taiwan and USA. We are established to improve our customer’s current printing and finishing set-up to their benefit. Our focus is to provide exceptional service to our customers that will define our value in the industry.


        We are the exclusive distributor of BLUE DIGITAL DUPLICATORS, SWIFT PRO SECURITY PRINTERS and GESCHAFT PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENTS. We commit ourselves to provide additional product lines that will cater to our customer’s requirement. As part of our portfolio, we are one of the top dealer for FUJI FILM formerly known as FUJI XEROX in the Philippines.


        Our comprehensive approach to establish strong technical knowledge of our products will be our foundation to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Dedication to provide excellent after-sales service is our core factor in making a difference.


        Aside from this, the organization is composed of well-trained sales consultants and technical engineers who can identify solutions that will complement to our client’s requirement. Our people will always be guided by our core values; to be significant and be of service to others. We firmly believe that our people are the best asset of the organization.


        We will consistently aim to provide innovation and automation to our present and future clients…

                             We are ready to Elevate!

At GEC, We have one MISSION:

        To provide excellent SERVICE to our CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS, and MEMBERS that will exceed their expectations.

        We envision a God centered valued organization that gives importance to our client’s well-being, growth and success.


By 2025, we will:

  • Expand our Organization by providing modern, quality and durable products.

  • Develop Leaders that will inspire and influence.

  • Be a profitable Organization that is focus to develop and grow it’s employees, partners and members.


  • Malasakit

  • Value Relationship

  • Humility

  • Customer-Oriented

  • Positive Mindset




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